Friday, March 7, 2008

Some stuff

#1 I am using twitter now, I have no idea how long it will continue as I am not all that amused with it to be honest. That said I'll probably update it more than I do blog because it takes about 2 seconds to twit (is that a verb? From hence forth I deem that it shall be).

#2 AIR apps don't suck, this surprises me because for the most part I assume things are going to suck, especially application languages that are supposed to make cross-platform development easy and great (see every desktop java app.... EVER). Here's an AIR app that doesn't suck: Twhirl

#3 I just added a twitter thing to the right side of the blog, swell.

1 comment:

@NRVLiving said...

Welcome to Twitter. It doesn't suck.