Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Myspace pages

If you have a myspace page, and you have music on it, and that music autoplays please do the following:

1. Lift your left hand
2. Make a fist
3. Raise your index finger as if you are pointing at something
4. Now poke yourself in the eye

That was from me, quit being a jackass. No one wants to hear your lame music, least of all have it inflicted upon them without warning.

Amusing Song

For those of you who deal with clients on a regular basis, especially those of you who have any design efforts in your day to day work you will appreciate this little number

For those of you who are the people making these comments.. listen to your designers, they do things for a reason. They are the designer, you are not.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I watch this show religiously, and I hate every minute of it. How have I been conned into this by the evil writers who clearly are only intent on raping my brain with their incessant direction changes and dropping of unanswered questions to replace them with new ones.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


It has been a while since I mentioned this site and with golf season coming up I've been thinking about it more. I'm hoping to play in a golf league this spring/summer (Andrew, you'd best be getting on that!), and I'll be using oobgolf to track most if not all of my summer golf. You can see my oob profile and mock my horrible attempts at getting better at this cursed affliction that some call a game.

*** Update ***
Forgot to mention that I made a google gadget for these guys you can find instructions for adding it to your google homepage on the oob site


I don't really need to post anything more, the category I'm putting it in sums it up.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Interesting Browser Game

I've started messing with a game called Ikariam, it's 100% in the browser and does NOT use flash. It's actually pretty fun, it's designed to only require a few minutes a day to play. Give it a try.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Blogger comments

Blogger comments still suck my ass. Why can't they just keep you in the same window, every other major site that supports comments does this, it's a better approach. Blogger, fix comments!

New idea for this blog

I am going to start simply posting in two categories here... those categories after careful consideration will be:

1. sucks
2. doesn't suck

Everything will fall into one of the categories, unless I forget, if there is no category go ahead and assume it sucks.

Some stuff

#1 I am using twitter now, I have no idea how long it will continue as I am not all that amused with it to be honest. That said I'll probably update it more than I do blog because it takes about 2 seconds to twit (is that a verb? From hence forth I deem that it shall be).

#2 AIR apps don't suck, this surprises me because for the most part I assume things are going to suck, especially application languages that are supposed to make cross-platform development easy and great (see every desktop java app.... EVER). Here's an AIR app that doesn't suck: Twhirl

#3 I just added a twitter thing to the right side of the blog, swell.