Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting statistics from the FBI and the Brady Campaign People

I collected some statistics from the fbi's website on violent crime rates (which ARE population compensated, crime rate defines number of crimes per 100,000 people) I also found that the Brady people seem to be into ranking states and giving them scores on their gun control laws (higher score means tighter gun laws and therefore "better" in the eyes of the Brady Campaign people). The Brady folks also compare them to other states which is what the rank means, note they do allow "ties" so that's why numbers repeat.

Anyway, quick summary the 7 "best" states according to the Brady folks all are in the top 25 in terms of violent crime, of the ten states with the LOWEST violent crime rates only one of them (Rhode Island) is considered a "good" state by the Brady folks.

Anyway, below is the data decide for yourself.


volleyhart said...

So what are you suggestion?

Josh said...

What am I suggesting? I guess that perhaps gun-control doesn't seem to show any factual evidence of having an impact on crime, in fact you have more states with tighter gun control with high crime rates than states with low gun control.

At the very least you could say that tighter gun control does not positively impact crime rates. If we dug deeper I suspect we might even find instances where more gun control actually increases crime rates....

One obvious thing is that gun control is clearly not the only influencing factor... to suggest something potentially politically incorrect.. It would be an interesting study to compare illegal immigration levels for the states with high crime rates. I don't have much data on this but I do know that Maryland (one of the highest on this list in terms of crime rate) is one of only 8 states that will issue a drivers license to an illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Brady and the anti constitution crowd never let facts get in the way of good drama.